Summer Day Camps

2018 Summer Day Camp Schedule

Our weekly day camps run from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday with our show at 2:00 pm on Friday

Week 1: July 9th to 13th

Week 2:    July 23rd to 27th 

Week 3:       August 6th to 10th

Week 4:           August 20th to 24th

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Our Summer Day Camps are a FUN and Educational choice for your children for the summer!

We are very excited about our camps and have many activities planned for the kids.

Each horse summer camp will run Monday through Friday from 10 am till 4 pm each day.   We also typically finish up early on the Friday following a special demonstration by the campers for all family and friends who can join us.

Our horse summer camps are day camps and are open for children 7 years old and up.  If you have a younger child that you would like to get involved with horses, contact us and we can see if any of our other programs would be appropriate.

We keep our camps limited in numbers with only 6 to 8  participants per week. For some activities all students will be working together, for others they will be divided into groups.

The cost per child is $400 per week (plus GST).  That’s it!  There are no additional charges.  All material is included, the fee includes the use of one of our horses.

Kids are asked to bring a packed lunch and plenty to drink.

When attending a horse summer camp kids should be well equipped for all types of weather.  Dressing in layers is usually the best policy.  But they should be bringing:


Shorts to change into on hot days

A light, short sleeve shirt

A long sleeve sweater

A jacket (preferably water proof)

Footwear suitable for riding (something with a small heel)

Hat for shade

Riding Helmet, mandatory (we do have a selection that can be borrowed)

(a bike or hockey helmet works too)


Change of clothes & towel for sprinkler activities (weather permitting)

Water Bottle

Packed Lunch

Morning and Afternoon Snacks

We have both indoor and outdoor facilities and will utilize them based on the weather.

Every child will ride at least twice every day, beyond that the amount of riding and other material covered will completely depend on the ages, skill levels and comprehension levels of the students registered.   As with everything we do at DJ Ranch, our primary goal is to learn through fun.  Friday afternoon will be dedicated to our ‘Horseplay Show’ where family and friends are welcome and encouraged to come and watch some fun.

Each horse summer camp typically fills up very quickly,  so we recommend that you book your spot as soon as possible.

Non-refundable $75 deposit required at time of booking to hold placing.

Refundable for medical or emergency reasons only.


For more details on the educational content of our horse summer camp please keep reading.

A FUN and Educational choice for your children for the summer!

Examples of areas of Horsemanship to be covered may include:

Anatomy and conformation

Breeds, colours and markings

Measuring height and weight

How to tell a horses age

Bits and bridles

Saddles and saddle pads

Cleaning and storing your tack

Types of stabling

Mucking out a stall

Feed, bedding and supplements

Turnout and grooming

Calling in a vet

First aid

Common injuries

Worming and vaccinations

Riding position and balance

Learning the aids

Mounting, dismounting, falling off and emergency dismounts

Riding arena etiquette

How to properly catch and safely handle a horse

Groundwork – Exercises for people and for horses

Walk, trot and halt

Patterns and games

The degree of coverage in any of the above areas will be directly dependent upon the age of the students enrolled.  The number of different areas covered will depend on the current level of knowledge each student possesses and the rate at which they are able to learn the material presented to them.

At DJ Ranch we focus on Horsemanship and everything that goes with it.  It is necessary for students to have a clear understanding of each topic before proceeding to the next in order for them to gain true horsemanship skills and eventually mastery.  We believe in building a strong foundation and expanding on it, as each student is ready to progress.  Each student will be allowed to progress at their own pace, never being held back by another student or pushed forward beyond their level of comfort.  If a student is having difficulty with a particular concept they will receive one-on-one assistance to help them through it.

To print out the registration forms please click on the link below.  If you are unable to view this document, please call us and we will forward a package to you.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us either by phone at 403-819-0929 or by Email.


You can contact us by phone at Pam’s cell at 403-819-0929, through our web-based form or by email.